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Are you ready to stand above your competition, and have an endless supply of leads, without breaking the bank on high lead prices?

What's this all about?

We would like to take a minute to explain why you need to read this page and understand how this will be the best 2 minutes for better business growth.

Buying leads for your debt business can for one be exceptionally costly and two can sometimes be a hit and a miss, as you have no idea where, when, and how, that lead is being generated.

We have decided that we are going to unlock the vault and share the whole process with a select few of packaging companies along with direct Ip’s.

Why Should you listen to us?

We have been in lead generation for many years and have generated in the tune of 100’000 leads which has helped businesses grow from 2 agents to 30 agents in a matter of months.

We have spent over Seven figures on media channels, getting the best traffic to your call center and agents. We are going to unlock this for you.

What do you get?

  • You will get a fully branded funnel/landing page that converts like Dam busters. From a social media platform, which is fully optimised for mobile views. (That’s where the traffic is)
  • Proven creatives in video format, and imaging. These are not some random images; we use high converting videos and images that have had over a 100k in testing. They work to skip the test stage!
  • Pixel integration and full set up within the media channels, this will be Facebook/Instagram. (Instagram strategy is untapped and NOBODY is doing it right)
  • Integrate your funnel directly into any CRM so all leads will pass in real-time.

I hear you say, you don’t want to
manage this you just want leads?

It’s simple you don’t need to manage, we do everything for you,
it will be fully built for you, all you need to do is work the leads like switching a light on and off,
and guess what the bonus is?


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